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Brief History of Brown County State Bank
The original meeting of the stockholders of the proposed Brown County State Bank was held Wednesday, July 31, 1901, at the bank of Bloomfield, Skiles and Co. in Mt. Sterling. The stockholders were: J. E. Allison, William Bloomfield, Alex Bailey, Alex Brockman, Job Dixon, Mamie B. Fry, Allen R. Fry, John Q. Fry, George D. Givens, W. T. Hersman, George J. Hersman, R. V. Hurdle, G. T. Jenning, John Kerr, Andrew Long, J. D. Milstead, Julius Mobley, Joseph M. Merservy, Frank Mills, Lucy B. McMillen, George W. McCoy, Henry Oaks, S. H. Petefish, L. A. Petefish, William Parker, Malinda L. Perry, George C. O'Neil, W. B. Rigg, W. M. Reid, Virginia O. Skiles, Matt Yaple, and Jacob Zimmerman.

The following officers where chosen: William T. Hersman, president; Wilson M. Reid, vice president; J.D. Milstead, cashier; J.E. Allison, assistant cashier; and directors W.T. Hersman, W.M. Reid, William Bloomfield, George D. Givens, George McCoy, W. B. Rigg, and S. H. Petefish. The first bylaws were adopted on August 27, 1901, and the deposits of the Bloomfield, Skiles and Co. at the time of the sale to the new bank were approximately $50,000. Brown County State Bank of Mt. Sterling was officially incorporated on September 3, 1901, and the private bank was dissolved.

Presidents of the Brown County State Bank and their tenures include: William T. Hersman, 1901-1913; J. E. Allison, 1914-1928; George J Hersman, 1929-1933; Fred Aber, 1934-1948; Charles A. Reid, 1948-1957; D. G. Gordley, 1957-1960; Maurice L. Quinn, 1960-1970; George A. McCoy, 1971-1985; Stephen T. Quinn, 1985-present.

Brown County State Bank came through the Great Depression in excellent condition and was authorzied to reopen during the banking holidays of 1933 within three weeks. All depositors received 100% of their deposits when called for, without any type of temporary waiver or waiting period.

Certainly many things have changed since Brown County State Bank was founded in 1901. In the early days, accounts were maintained on handwritten ledgers and all calculations were done manually. Over the years, mechanical adding machines and posting machines were developed to reduce the drudgery of manual process. Today, computer technology allows bank employees to process more tranactions and provide a much larger variety of products and services than bankers in 1901 would have dreamed possible. The one thing that has not changed in the 100 years, however, is our commitment to serving the financial needs of Brown County and the surrounding area. Thank you for allowing us to serve you since 1901!

On Feb 26, 2010, United Community Bancorp, Inc which serves Springfield, Chatham, Loami, Auburn, Divernon, Pawnee, Gillespie, Bunker Hill, Greenfield, and Carlinville purchased Marine Bank & Trust and Brown County State Bank from Mercantile Bancorp, Inc. United Community Bank shares the same community oriented and small-town customer service philosophy that Brown County State Bank has stood behind for 77+ years. Stephen T. Quinn served as President until February 28, 2014 when he retired. Philip Krupps currently serves as president.

Special appreciation is extended to Eileen Renaker of the Brown County Historical Society for compiling information for this web site.